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Private bodyguards refer to the protectors with professional quality and ability employed by citizens for personal and property safety. Private bodyguards provide a complete security service for a person. To provide a complete security service, their skills should not be under the ability of special police, and completeness means maintaining vigilance for a long time, taking into account various risk factors that the employer has never thought of, so as to win a sense of security for the employer and prevent the employer's safety from being hurt. Therefore, professional training for private bodyguards is very important. The training content of senior private bodyguards is rich, and the courses are very detailed and comprehensive, including some protection exercises and field exercises. Before taking the post, professional senior private bodyguards will receive the following training contents o how to introduce the situation to customers o advanced work concepts and procedures o team placement o formation (practice practice) O on-site preliminary work (practice, including preliminary investigation) O threat / vulnerability assessment o walking principles o tracking countermeasures o terrorism countermeasures o fleet operation and safety (practice) O radio operation o bodyguard's escape and survival skills. O tactical communication (sometimes called oral judo) In addition, there are also some training courses for live firing, gun operation skills and physical fitness training o gun CQB o weapon retention o effective placement round o shooting through glass o gun carrying and drawing skills O mixed martial arts of physical fitness test / protective agent o medical practice of first aiders o emergency / emergency plan and response procedures in some physical training In subjects such as unarmed combat, private bodyguards need to be trained in running for at least 100 kilometers and pass the test. In addition, they also need to be able to do a specified number of push ups, sit ups, pull ups, swimming and other training. The training of private bodyguards is not one-way. These courses can not only train private bodyguards, but also protect the safety of private bodyguards and customers. One Besides professional training, the success of private bodyguards also requires attitude, reliability, professional demeanor, commitment to work, life experience, education and other factors.

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