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Ace Shield security consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd. is a professional organization engaged in high-end security work all over the world. It is also an authoritative teaching, training and certification output organization certified by international ISO, ifpo and ibfa. The company mainly provides professional personal protection, asset protection, overseas security, crisis handling, maritime security, security in high-risk areas, protection of hostile targets, security system training Tactical system training and other special security services. The headquarters training base of WangPaiDun bodyguard company is located in Beijing, and has ace shield sub training support bases in Shandong and Hebei respectively. On this basis, it combines Jordan warrior center and European EBAS training center to create an all-round integrated teaching and training platform and talent forging system. With Beijing, China as its headquarters and North America, Europe and the Middle East as its strategic service points overseas, trumpshield bodyguard has set up guarantee branches in domestic provincial capitals, truly realizing the comprehensive coverage of business construction at home and abroad, and giving full play to the synchronous path of international efficient operation guarantee and sound technical system. Ace shield also has extremely strict requirements on the source quality control of the company's members. It only includes the recent retired soldiers of special forces who meet the 27 international standards, and carries out the strict teaching and phased assessment and elimination mechanism for half a year. It strictly controls the industry standards and personnel quality in accordance with the international assessment system and professional title evaluation system. In terms of teaching system, it integrates the technical concepts of many developed countries of safety profession such as North America, Europe and Israel, and integrates a set of cutting-edge, professional and applicable technical system in combination with the applicability and characteristics of China, so as to cultivate the market with the operation concept of "international standards and Chinese characteristics" all the time, Then promote and standardize the technical construction and system standards of domestic high-end security industry. Over the years, WangPaiDun bodyguard company has provided security consulting, construction, protection, management and training services for a large number of well-known enterprises, international dignitaries, celebrities and private groups at home and abroad, and has been highly recognized and trusted by all sectors of society. It is known as "China ace bodyguard company". Enterprise advantages 1. Advanced management mode: the company has been committed to the international standard operation mode since its establishment. In the process of providing security services for enterprises, companies and individuals at home and abroad, the company has mastered the bodyguard service process and system standards under various risks and complex environments, and has a high level of service experience and practical operation ability. 2. Professional security services: WangPaiDun service command center will conduct static evaluation and dynamic supervision on each stationed bodyguard to ensure long-term service quality and management balance, and also provide regular and real-time planning guidance and risk assistance for personnel. 3. Good government relations: in the process of development, the company has established extensive working relations with local public security organs, and effective government communication and coordination enable us to better serve customers. 4. Excellent elite team: the members of the company are all composed of retired personnel of special forces, which are produced through strict training and assessment mechanism at all levels. They all have excellent security professional quality, rich transaction processing experience and strong psychological ability. In addition to being professional, each person must also have excellent character and absolute loyalty. 5. Top training system: the curriculum system of ACE Shield Security Consulting Co., Ltd. is a combination of practical experience in North America, Europe, Israel and domestic markets for many years. The long-term market feedback has further proved the professionalism and applicability of the security technology system. Corporate culture, integrity, honor, responsibility, confidentiality and win-win

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