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Star artist preservation

In recent years, all kinds of stars have been harassed and violated in public activities. In order to ensure that they can carry out all kinds of activities safely and smoothly, ace will send a star protection team to be on duty. The command center will collect the relevant information of the meeting, and the evaluation team will analyze and formulate the emergency plan. Several safety assistants are dispatched to carry out on-site security duty, including membership security inspection, on-site maintenance, escort of valuables, pick-up of designated objects, etc., so as to ensure the smooth start and end of the meeting. Security personnel shall wear uniform suits, leather shoes, intercom, headset, detector, laser lamp, etc. Celebrity safety service: 1. The star special guard will personally protect the personal safety of artists and take care of their daily life; 2. Be responsible for the route formulation of star travel and response measures to emergencies; 3. Be responsible for the work of star accompanying assistants to reduce potential safety hazards around them. Functions of star bodyguards: 1. Follow and take care of celebrities at all times to prevent all unsafe factors from causing direct harm to celebrities; 2. Timely analyze the site conditions and make multiple sets of prevention plans and safety rehearsals; 3. In the event of an accident, quickly escort the celebrity to a safe place to protect the personal safety of the celebrity from being infringed by others

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