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1. The client must be engaged in legal profession and business, and have the ability to pay bodyguards (except for witnesses designated by the judiciary and special vulnerable groups). 2. The purpose and motivation of employing bodyguards must be truthfully informed. And specify the object to be protected, number, gender, age, identity, etc. 3. They must truthfully inform their risk status. After assessment, if the risk level exceeds the protection ability of WangPaiDun, they have the right to refuse to accept cooperation. 4. It must be recognized that professional protection is a highly technical and highly professional work, which requires focus in order to effectively implement safety protection actions. 5. Don't insult, satirize and other acts that damage the personal dignity of the bodyguard. 6. The bodyguard has the right to refuse and terminate the protection work if the affairs required by the customer violate the laws of the country. 7. Truly believe in the professional ability and professionalism of the bodyguard. In order to achieve the purpose of safety protection, the customer has the obligation to cooperate with the protection work. 8. If a task outside China needs to carry a gun, the customer must apply for the relevant formalities of holding a gun.

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