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Judicial witness protection

Ensuring the safety of witnesses is an important condition for witnesses to relieve their worries, provide evidence fully and objectively, earnestly fulfill their obligation to testify, and truthfully reflect the real situation of the case. In judicial practice, witnesses are unwilling to testify, dare not testify or not as good as practical evidence, and it is difficult for case handlers to obtain evidence. One of the important reasons is that the safety of witnesses can not be guaranteed. The suspect, the accused or their relatives threaten witnesses, insults, assaults, take revenge, even kill them. Such phenomena as serious threats to witnesses' personal and property occur frequently. This not only causes losses to the witness's personal and property, but also seriously affects the judicial personnel handling cases and the smooth progress of litigation activities. In order to ensure that witnesses truthfully provide the case information they know and that case handlers smoothly investigate and collect evidence, the people's courts, people's procuratorates and public security organs shall ensure the safety of witnesses and their close relatives, especially their personal and property safety. This is the legal obligation of the people's courts, people's procuratorates and public security organs. In this regard, trump shield provides free security protection for the designated important witnesses entrusted by the judicial organ.

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