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IATA (ACE tactical Academy) always adheres to the policy of "three haves", an organization with both standards, height and conscience. As a leading organization for the training and export of authoritative professional bodyguards in China, it has maintained strategic cooperation with many well-known enterprises and institutions at home and abroad for many years. It has always adhered to the concept of integrity, quality and win-win, and has a high reputation influence, its own operation and output strength at home and abroad, It ensures that every student can grow and study under the guarantee of excellent education system and worry free employment! In view of the current professional needs, market needs and construction needs of the security industry, IATA launched various high-end course technology systems. In various course training, IATA made use of multiple training bases in Europe, North America, Southeast Asia, Serbia, Beijing headquarters and Shandong branch to provide strong and all-round demand guarantee, so as to truly enable each student to learn and master the forefront The most practical security technology system is the whole program teaching guidance and horizontal assessment system carried out by the domestic and foreign deep-level instructor team, which mainly solves the problems of insufficient pertinence, incomplete coverage and weak practicability, and effectively creates a truly effective centralized, quality and applicable standard curriculum system. Contact our college switchboard: 400-660-1826 headquarters address: wangpai tactical college, Shunyi District, Beijing enrollment Department: Instructor Hao 17633065635 (same as wechat)

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