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Choosing a bodyguard company must investigate the strength, background and legitimacy of the company, and more importantly, make a decision after evaluating the background, ability and professional quality of bodyguards. Because your privacy, security and even life and property may be in his hands. Ace shield guides the strict service code: first, have the courage to sacrifice their dedication and noble professional ethics: 1. As a qualified professional bodyguard, we should have the basic spirit of adventure. 2. Have good professional ethics and personal quality. 3. Have superhuman, quick thinking and excellent skills. 4. Must have certain legal knowledge. 5. Take the safety and interests of customers as their own responsibility and have a high sense of responsibility. 2、 Strengthen self-control and binding force: 1. Turn a blind eye to the temptation of money and women's sex. 2. Have a clear mind and judgment for the unknown words said by customers. 3. Strengthen restraint and control their bad style of misconduct. 3、 Have good living habits and principles of life: 1. Keep your appearance clean and tidy at work. 2. In life, we should have the habit of love, cleanliness and diligence. 3. Don't have bad hobbies (drunkenness, fighting, laziness). 4. Pay attention to polite language when speaking, and don't use dirty words and offensive language. 5. We should have a team spirit of unity and mutual help and a humanitarian spirit, understand the overall situation and attach importance to feelings. 6. It is forbidden to have some illegal habits such as stealing and stealing. 4、 We must master and master professional skills and practical experience, and strictly require ourselves to continuously improve the comprehensive professional quality to meet the requirements of each period: 1. Seriously master legal knowledge and legal courses, so as to have the law in mind and do things. 2. At ordinary times, we should work hard and seriously to complete every action and task of the coach. 3. In actual combat, we should use our own thinking ability and the crystallization of usual training to achieve perfection, and accumulate practical experience from each training. 4. Constantly improve their comprehensive quality and practical experience. 5. Cultivate and improve self observation and judgment. 6. There should be preventive measures and awareness of fire prevention and theft prevention. 7. All skills should be assessed to meet the standards. 8. Remember to sweat more before the war and bleed less during the war. 5、 It is forbidden to bring all things and emotions unrelated to work to work: 1. Don't associate with some bad people in society. 2. Don't bring your bad emotions to work and affect others. You can't avenge public and private affairs or retaliate in training. 3. Personal matters should be solved by individuals. Don't involve the team because of personal matters. 4. Do not engage in gang struggle, which will affect unity. 5. During working hours, the mobile phone must be turned off or muted. It is forbidden to receive or make calls or send and receive messages in front of the employer. 6、 Behave appropriately and quickly at work: 1. Every language and behavior at work represents the system and image of the company. 2. Have a high degree of flexibility and agility, and behave appropriately and generously. 3. Don't be rude and excessive at work. 7、 During the job adaptation period, you should understand the employer and adapt to the employer: 1. Understand the nature of the object (employer) you serve as soon as possible. 2. Be familiar with the employer's personality, living habits and hobbies to reach a tacit understanding. 3. We should understand the social background and industry of the employer in order to provide better services. 4. Don't contradict, avoid, and retaliate against your employer. 5. Don't use your employer's career for personal gain and higher requirements. 6. We should see more, listen more and ask more about the employer's requirements and some suggestions. 7. Learn more about the mentality and ideas of employers. 8. In various occasions, we should understand the intention of the employer and make corresponding responses and Countermeasures in time. 8、 Keep all matters of the employer Confidential: 1. Keep the nature of the employer's work and living habits secret. 2. All plans and developments of the employer's work (trade secrets) shall be kept confidential. 3. Keep confidential the employer's family (emotional) disputes and changes. 4. The employer's career and family (address, vehicle, telephone and place of frequent activities), relatives (parents, children and lovers) and the whereabouts of the employer shall not be disclosed to anyone (the employer's family and friends, your family and friends) without the employer's permission. 5. Keep the employer's valuables confidential. 6. Keep all matters of the company confidential. 9、 Don't do what you shouldn't do and don't say what you shouldn't say: 1. Don't say what you don't know and outside of work at work. 2. Don't say that the employer doesn't allow it to be against the employer. 3. Don't ask and publicize things that have nothing to do with your work from your employer. 4. Don't do anything against the employer's will and increase the employer's pressure. 5. Don't do anything illegal or disciplinary. 6. Don't do private things in the name of the company. 7. Don't make private agreements with employers that are detrimental to the interests of the company. 10、 Correct your position and attitude: 1. Correct your work attitude and thought, and have a positive attitude. 2. Be aware of your task and position (employment relationship with the employer), and understand your responsibilities and objectives (safety protection). 3. Work carefully, decisively and without procrastination. 11、 In case of emergencies, we should have the decision-making ability to control the overall situation: 1. Always maintain a high degree of combat readiness, calm mind, high insight and abundant work energy, so as to cope with the occurrence of emergencies. 2. When an emergency occurs, we should not be disorderly in the face of danger, let alone escape in the face of battle, and take the initiative to control the overall situation. 3. Use your high insight and excellent professional skills to ensure the personal and property safety of the employer, and let the employer leave the site and reach the safety zone as soon as possible. 4. Don't act rashly and provoke unnecessary trouble. 12、 The interests of the employer are above all else, honor and disgrace together, advance and retreat together: 1. Put the interests and safety of the employer first. 2. Strive to be a qualified professional bodyguard and protect the legitimate rights and interests of every employer.

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