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Evolution of private bodyguard services

As early as 2000 years ago, historians recorded the history of private bodyguards and other security and protection practitioners. The first personnel of private bodyguards were initially carried out to protect Royal, military and religious leaders. Some of the most famous ancient private bodyguards were the pratorian guards, which were used to guard Roman generals and other influential Romans. Other dynasties around the world, such as Byzantines, Chinese and Persians, also used specially designated guards to protect and protect their leaders. Historically, private bodyguards have always been strong and healthy people. Their main task is to reactionary and physical deterrence against the threats faced by "customers". However, with the progress of technology and the intensification of domestic and international turmoil, now our professional private bodyguards are expected to have more personnel. Today, trained professionals are often referred to as private bodyguards. In China, the administrative protection services of private bodyguards need a series of training and assessment before they can be implemented. Administrative protection training for private bodyguards is usually developed by bodyguard companies. Most professional bodyguards will carry out the following training for their private bodyguards, For example, arrest and control technology, threat assessment and situational awareness training, crisis response and crisis management behavior analysis, advanced first aid and life-saving technology, non lethal weapon training, advanced driving training, combat training, pre deployment on-site investigation training, monitoring and anti surveillance training, today's private bodyguards and private bodyguards 2000 years ago, the most important thing is to pay attention to customer service. Nowadays, private bodyguards usually integrate various factors of customer service into their work, which can make their customers' life more pleasant and help promote their personal professional needs. A professional private bodyguard will always surpass themselves. They will spend extra time promoting and reconnoitering the workplace in order to better promote their customer service and ensure that all emergencies are predicted in advance. Hiring professional private bodyguards to respond only when there is a threat is not recognized as private bodyguards. Under the current demand, customers have higher requirements for the details of their private bodyguard services. Nowadays, private bodyguards need to be very skilled in preventing threats, demoting and mitigating security risks. Private bodyguards need to continue to adapt and develop to cope with the changing security environment. With the increasing demand for highly skilled private bodyguard services. Private bodyguards will strive to improve their professional ability. Throughout history, private bodyguards have been evolving to keep up with the changing threat situation facing society.

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